Posted by: Claire Marie Racine | January 31, 2010


A few days ago we looked at the problems facing us everyday in America. Now it is time to examine the essence and find the common denominators which once made this a great nation.

First, at the time of greatest prosperity, the  law of the Constitution protected and allowed every citizen to create and exchange value with and among his neighbors.

Second, there were no forced or unfair taxes imposed upon us.

Third, business and industry were only regulated to protect those businesses and industries.

Fourth, we discovered new technologies and implemented them which increased production, wealth and provided more and better jobs.

Finally, conditions occurred which allowed people to live good and productive lives with the freedom to create the “American Dream”, and be happy.

As our country grew and expanded, so did our population.

Unfortunately, the government did as well. At first, the laws amended to our Constitution were beneficial.  These laws set up rights and offered more protection for those rights to life, in a free society.

Then a shift of focus occurred.  The lawgivers decided the simple, effective law of the Constitution could be amended, or changed to suit their own purpose to control and not only to protect. Their own egos and thirst for power now became the agenda.

Our government also shifted to a government , of the government,  by the government and for the government.

What has been will be again.

This brought us back to the conditions which existed before The Declaration of Independence and the original Constitution of the United States.

A simple solution is the best answer to a complex problem. Problems exist because  totally integrated honesty does not exist.

We have bought the lies that the media and the politicians have sold us with their dishonest marketing.

What, then is the simple, totally integrated  and honest solution to the complex problems we face in society today?

The buzz has been all over the social networks and the internet for months. If you are not aware of the answer yet, I will recommend that you to discover it for yourself at:    where you will get correct information from the  source.

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